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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Hi I am Snehal Pendurkar

I invite you to walk through my visions that I have tried my best to paint. Some are imaginary and some with reference, some with the memories of moments I have lived and loved so much that I wish them to stay with me forever.

Hi I am an Artist and a Film maker from Mumbai India. My name is Snehal Pendurkar. I have always, since the time I could remember loved to Paint and wanted to be an Artist. I have done my Education in Drawing and Painting in Applied Arts. 



I have always been connected to Nature. We grew up traveling in beautiful Coastal Rainforest. The beauty and magic that nature performs every single minute of life has taken over my imagination and I am great full to be alive and witness this beautiful creation. I try to paint this feeling through my works, so as to relive the moment.


Painting Style:

As a kid I grew up fascinated by the postcards in the 90s. I loved them so much...! I think my paintings are in search of that retro and Vintage look. I think that those mesmerizing post cards inspired me to develop into this style.



I always have found myself drawn towards the rays of light shining through the fog and haze thus creating a beam of light and the particles shinning in it, I find it devine and soothing to my soul. 



I have always felt that Art is a blessing and Art can heal. I feel blessed to be born with this ability to Paint and connect with so many wonderful people around the world. I think with the advent of technology and sense of well being that the humanity has reached today, we are in the best of times to be alive and we should cherish this.



My Ambition is to travel the world and visit beautiful places and also to leave a legacy of Art Works behind that bring smiles to people for years to come.

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